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1. usually rarely run or run a short distance, the game suddenly increase the distance while also improving the speed. game is the training of the mirror, if you want to participate in the game, then it must be trained, otherwise do not participate in the game. 2. training is not the law, a sudden increase in the distance or speed too fast. increase and change is a prerequisite for improvement, but must have a degree, it is recommended not to increase the magnitude of more than 10% per week. 3. has set high goals for himself. based on past training and performance to develop a reasonable goal, or follow the familiar with their own expert advice. When the 4. state is not good, still force oneself to carry on the training of the big strength. It is advisable for to take temporary rest and passive rest in time. 5. in the continuous fatigue of the state, to participate in the game or the intensity of training. reduce competition, reduce the intensity of training, it is a good runner. 6. people for a long time or run speed zhengjianghaoqing, soared steep over the limit and people. can take the opportunity to improve, but there should be a reasonable degree. 7. lack of sleep, diet, work under pressure, such as poor living conditions, still a large intensity training. can not avoid the time, can only reduce the training intensity, to avoid the additional burden on the body. 8. do not want to eat, sleep, mental difference, muscle acid, fatigue, bad mood. this is a clear signal of fatigue, in time to rest or reduce the intensity of training. 9. do not want to run, hate running, slow, poor state or poor continuity. this is a clear signal of danger, take a rest immediately after a break, cheap air jordans you should be careful to observe your physical condition. 10. for two consecutive days or more days to high intensity training. immediately adjust or rest for two days, in the future to avoid this situation as far as possible. 11. overestimate their ability, do not pay attention to the rest of the people in training. once the signal of physical fatigue, must stop the execution plan, forced to rest. 12. week day off too few people. It is necessary for the amateur to have a rest every 2 to 3 days a week. 13. older people are still excessive pursuit of success. is not the pursuit of no progress and fun, but there must be a proper sense of proportion. 14. knows that there is a small injury, still training and competition. small injury is necessary to raise the big, otherwise it is very easy to become a big injury. 15. every time the training will make every effort of the people. once a month to go all out, two times a week, the intensity of a large intensity, may be more appropriate. Italy famous tide shop 10 Corso Como was founded by former Italy "Vogue" female editor Carla Sozzani. Founded in 1991, this is the famous British magazine tide shop called "iD" is the world's most exciting place ", while Japan is described here is the" Le Figaro art museum". Anyway, the position of 10 Corso Como in the trend is irreplaceable. Recently, a pair of joint shoes from 10 Corso Como and the famous shoe brand Timberland attracted our attention. Today we will introduce these very special shoes. from the information we have obtained, this pair of shoes is based on the classic version of Timberland iconic boat shoe, which is made of very fine material. The most attractive place is th cheap jordans e leather body bright color leather material splicing design, as well as behind the shoes 10 Corso Como embossing design, these detail designs have explained two two expectations regarding this cooperation. In addition, this product will have men's and women's two sizes. It will be on sale at designated stores in April 6th. , [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, Nike, Blazer, Mid, new colors, Nike, WMNS, summer, Rome shoes, cool debut comments on last article: Nike Blazer Mid new color appeared next: Nike WMNS summer Rome shoes cool debut While was busy promoting ankle insurance and Zoom Kobe IV (4), NIKE was also planning a new product for Kobe Bryant's Dream Season. Because this season for Bryant, really can be called a dream season (Dream Season), he is really eager to win this year's NBA championship. This pair of shoes is war white shoe, with purple and gold rimmed embellishment. Like KB24, the shoe heel is embroidered with the Lakers defender's signature by Kobe dragon punchline, on a perfect end for this pair of shoes painting. The shoes will be on sale in autumn and winter this year, and there are more than one colour selection available in the shoes. Please stay tuned. Source: Battle shoes Wang , Kobe, NBA〉 Nike, Zoom, Rookie, LWP, the recent exception of the hot, constantly fresh color exposure, but also reflects the "penny" is still the fans and fans in mind indelible idol. Recently, he named another Nike 1/2 Cent white / khaki simplified version also quietly exposed. The shoe body with a large area of white Foamposite material as the main material, collocation Khaki suede material embellishment, kh Cheap air jordans for sale aki midsole between translucent and gum outsole. A, Bathing, Ape, Saddle, Bape, Sta, shoes, Nike, Zoom, Brave, V,, color matching comments on last article: A Bathing Ape Saddle Bape Sta shoes next article: Nike Zoom Brave V three color launched ColorBOOST for the first time in July of this year, bringing different color matching options for the signature BOOST midsole adidas. In the earlier @sneakerprophet_ share Adidas new shoes photographer ColorBOOST Uncaged, now the official figure has been released in the product design, the shoe body and Continental outsole are used YEEZY loaded with hot "Tan" color tone, hit the eye-catching orange in BOOST design. The shoes were first sold in limited Adidas stores in New York and are expected to be on sale worldwide next spring. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked why do guys have no resistance to girls wearing AJ?CNCPTS NEW BALANCE always belong to the friendly and, in addition to joint cooperation to launch limited style from time to time outside, some of the New Balance does not note the model but also the first to start in CNCPTS, are interested may wish collections, in order to keep attention. Recently Log on CNCPTS and several US574 series of new color, "will eat" friends should all know, all vary, M574 version of shoes last Made In USA and Asia are not the same, especially outline d cheap jordans for sale etails, USA version can be described as much more smoothly, this time with thousands of years evergreen red, black, white combination melody, were launched three different US574 new color, among black, red is most noteworthy, 30 this month No upcoming login CNCPTS sale close attention. & nbsp; Source: CNCPTSwake up holiday reverie , New Balance to create a new color for its M990 series, inspired by a leisurely weekend, so as to arouse the imagination of the holiday. Horween brown leather and navy blue suede shoes body shape, with a sharp jump red wine "N" logo and the outer bottom, add active breath to calm the body of the shoe, and Vibram outsole greatly increased traction on the surface of the sole, retro and comfortable. highlights the future! LeBron 12 releases Double Helix, color design, hollow design, Antonia, x, Reebok, Ventilator, shoe release comments on : highlight the future! LeBron 12 releases "Double Helix" color design next article: hollow design, Antonia, x, Reebok, Ventilator, cooperative shoes release the United States well-known brand shoes VANS's latest Vans for Iggy Pop 106 Vulcanized Tribute single product, in the design on the surface using the black leather material to build, inside is wool adds warmth, compared with the previously published partial Street sense series, this low-key Vans believe will have different favorite groups of friends who are interested may wish to follow the news of our sale. aRoME new canvas shoes preview LIMITED, EDITION, JORDAN, HOLIDAY, PACK comments on : aRoME new canvas shoes Preview Next: LIMITED, EDITION, JORDAN, HOLIDAY, PACKTRAINER HUARACHE series has been paying more attention to practical experience, in the foot is also very comfortable, inside the shoe design, good joint instep, coupled with white pure appearance, more intuitive feel, like a friend can to enjoy. source: sneakerfreakerNBA has a lot of foreign players, but few can really achieve success and win recognition. No matter at home, FIBA was good, go to the NBA, is another stage. Foreign player to join the NBA tap is not an easy thing, if want to stay in the NBA and become a star is even more difficult, so in the end how can we overcome acclimatized problems? according to his autobiography "dreams come true" recorded in the autumn of 1980, the 17 year old Olajuwon walked out of the airport, the first impression of the United States is "the original here guys are not so high, but seemed very fat." To the spring of the next year, in Clyde Drexler's help, has become students at the University of Houston Hakeem Olajuwon, wolf, foot long 60 pounds, finally eligible to Georgetown and the history of the most powerful life Patrick & middot; Ewing pitted against each other. this is one of the early part of the program of foreign players: reject SAGE-like type NBA. No Rodman stick inserted eighteen or acting or Alex & middot; Bryan English, if the light, only where cool where stay. Foreign juvenile giant Ewing, dream, Dikembe Mutombo (now American), Europe's genius perimeter (Petrovic, Tony & middot; Kukoc), at first glance to the United States all seem skinny. Fattening success is directly related to the occupation career achievement. The first example is Manute · bohr. 1985-86 season as a rookie, each 26 minutes to shoot 5 blocks leader in the league. But the Sudanese master, 24 years later never become fixed starting any team: he 229 cm, 90 kilograms, the real such as a handle, umbrella, in addition to cap no director. In the city he perched - Washington, Golden State and the Philadelphia bosses without exception to him were cramming activities of fattening, in despair after kicked him to other cities. Old Nelson and even the creation of the Union's chief giant to shoot three points. When he hit a career field average scoring record - 3.9 points. mind, later to the giant NBA, first to gain weight for oneself. Vlad · diwaci went to Losangeles to receive Kareem mantle, 216 centimeters only 108 kilograms, more than smart, calm enough. But his old man's house after all, deep interest choice, weight in successive years rises, such as in the summer of 1996 were Naqu traded, Bryant when weight impressively is 118 kilograms, from the beginning to the Lakers the interspersed with quick lanky man into the alliance is one of the few high zhanzhuang decision should be. He is a rare, not slack, go straight to Sacramento, weight 122 kg. According to the reporter, he Cheng "sophistry, older people, the brain becomes heavy, so I long is the main brain." But look at him at the age of 30 to 35 years a total absence of 6 regular season games for health, you have to admire him a prophetic vision. however long way weight is not a once and for all. Take the local Keith · Van Horne; for example, one to soul Lebron has exposed black Nike LeBron 11 will be officially on sale, pure black shoe body with decorative details, Hyperposite material, swoosh and logo ink with purple tongue texture is remarkably small bright spot. Like Lebron's friends, don't miss it! source: Dragon seven spring new color / Nike Air Huarache 2014Giraffe version / Nike SB Dunk Low giraffe physical exposure review last article: spring new color / Nike Air Huarache 2014 next article: Giraffe version / Nike SB Dunk Low giraffe physical exposure black and white pure will always bring us many surprises, recently Adidas's classic shoes Stan Smith created a pair of black and white plaid version is modeled using canvas shoes, leather and suede to render excellent texture, collocation of white soles, simple black and white matched, given its artistic atmosphere. 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