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Earlier, with a preview of the pictures so that the global fashion playing hand excited endless, they finally exposed the two sides to build products! This time, Murakami Takashi and Vault by Vans choose Slip-On shoes as the blueprint, the upper deck with Murakami Takashi signs of sun flower and skull pattern rendering, visual effect is very strong! And we see the notice on the insole in the familiar star Wang "Pom", in a grandiose appearance, with a childlike heart, this is perhaps many of the artist's inner portrayal. It is reported that the shoes will be sold in the designated shops recently, and there will be a series of supporting clothing sales. 〈br adidas="" originals="" tubular="" and="" an="" innovation="" of="" shadow="" new="" shoes="" 2016-11-14="" 11:17:21 German shoes shop Asphalt Gold earlier in the new trailer in the exposure of the new adidas Originals Tubular Shadow shoes, inherited the series of neat streamlined shoe body contour, and with a little Adidas yeezy shadow, followed by a prominent and lace show, cross laminated tongue design is a major bright spot, and the three line mark to hide them. Brown and gray double black are knitted fabric shoes structure, Adidas Originals can be regarded as another innovation in the production process. Finally, they are equipped with inspiration from the Indoor Super Tubular outsole, simple and capable. It is reported that the shoes will be officially released on December 8th, the selling price of 99 and 119 euros, like friends may wish to pay attention to.Adidas has recently launched a series of "Black Pack" football shoes with black as its main theme. Among them, the 185 grams of ultra light shoes known for the adizero F50 version is made of all black leather, combined with Taurus technology for cutting and sewing, equipped with soft blue border, add texture. And the new design of Pred Cheap jordans online ator Lethal Zone version by pink embellishment all black shoes, to highlight the bright and dark contrast highlights the series of shoes excellent ball control force. ??????cheap shox women Tuscany Gardening Tuscany Entrance and Rustic Charm gym red air max funny tumblr posts Hahaha Funny Tumblr Math and Tumblr Posts shox women Tuscany Gardening Tuscany Entrance and" /〉 asics online usa international shipping Genius Ways To Use Ikea Products As Your Garden Tea Lights Ikea and Lanterns reading sunglasses Find globes at yard sales to paint Love this Crafty Globes Hands and Anthropologie cheap shox women Tuscany Gardening Tuscany Entrance and Rustic Charm Durant personally up foot Nike KD 6 "Wheat" 2013-12-08 23:46:09 after exposure for the first time not long ago, Kevin Durant recently in the football games on the foot of this person; Nike KD 6 "Wheat" color, but color extremely novel, we can also find the KD6 tongue than before version has changed, in addition, the addition of metal shoe buckle is added a taste for the shoes Lifestyle. It is not clear the details of this shoe, please pay attention to interested friends. Nike SB Dunk Low Pro - Dark Obsidian is now on sale at 2013-12-08 22:26:29The Nike SB Dunk Low Pro - Dark Obsidian in the early part of this month has exposed spy, recently, Nike finally released the good Nike SB Dunk Low color Pro. This shoe is made of suede and leather, with a combination of Navy color and red wine. This beautiful shape Nike SB Dunk Low Pro has been sold in the major Nike Sportswear stores, like friends do not miss it.Sealing king 2014-02-24 21:00:54 again Although has gone on to win the season, but Kobe's heart did not meet, to win more challenging, the only defending, in our minds, Kobe never afraid of these challenges. great battle, perfect revenge two years cheap jordans for sale ago still lingering failure in Kobe's mind, even if the last season has just won the championship, but in Kobe's mind, he must personally solve his beat the Celtics, the longest history in Losangeles, the Lakers and Celtics of the two branch of the NBA alliance, the most brilliant team pedestria in the Finals again for the war performance this time, Kobe didn't let the championship trophy from their side away, led by the city of angels who defeated the green army, the perfect revenge, the real war into the Losangeles team history the most glorious battle, and Kobe will be the fate of individuals into between two the team's greatest fights. epic scroll if Zoom Kobe 4 is the strongest performance of the low shoes, then Zoom Kobe 5 will carry forward this design again, compared with before, the upper lower Zoom Kobe 5 is more flexible, lightweight, and protective performance did not decline, at the time of the NBA alliance, Zoom Kobe 5 and even become a pair of team shoes, which once again proved the strong adaptability and performance of Zoom Kobe 5. In the Zoom the two last year had exposed Nike Hyperposite sample, today once again exposed the real new color, Silver Orange collocation show vamp vamp. The upper steel chains used by other similar LeBron 11 shoe light foam material based on the bottom in the selection of the entire palm video Zoom Air can provide cushioning and feel good. At present, there is no sale information, and friends with love continue to pay close attention to it. 2012-8-20 08:04 upload download attachment (51.23, KB) well-known sports brand Nike regional brand Nike Sportswear's high-end product line NSW Nike NSW Bruin Vintage will launch a new suede, roomy shoes with large red suede material, golden car line decoration collocation diamond, white lace and Swoosh reproduction of the classic cheap jordans red and white color collocation, yellow in the bottom and on the tongue of orange Nike retro LOGO, this new product to bring more retro feeling. This section is now available at LUISAVIAROMA and is scheduled for sale on December 15th. 2012-8-20 08:04 upload and download attachments (78.18 KB) & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Chen is a typical sports fan. Every night, he came home the first thing is to open the CCTV Olympic Channel to watch the latest sports broadcast. One weekend, he will also assemble their own antenna device playing a lot, even if the image is not clear, also brought great joy to indulge in the Premiership 90 minutes confrontations. it is more of a love of Nike to the bone man. Whenever this brand launched any one of football shoes, he will surely go to the store pondering. "I do not have to buy every pair, but I want to know these shoes look like." He is very clear, Nike rival Adidas sponsored the Beijing Olympic event, but for the purposes of this seems Chen We can not change his love for Nike. "I'm not a person just like sports, very young, I only have feelings for Nike." However, Nike rarely in public, talking about her this rival, although generally people We will put the two par. And this official Beijing Olympic sponsor Adidas is confident the 2008 as an excellent opportunity to increase brand value, "in 2008 we will surpass Nike in China", many years ago, Adidas on the release of rhetoric. completely contrary to the Olympics, Nike and Adidas policies on the Olympic Games. Nike prefer all types of athletes and sports teams; Adidas tend to directly hand the official. History of the most intense collisions, will bring something to Adidas and Nike do? rival Fengeng Beijing Olympics 1928, Adidas founder Adi? Dassler for the Amsterdam Olympic athletes produced the first products, opened with Adidas Olympic origins. Adidas jordan 3 katrina 2018 view is that they have always paid great attention to cooperation with the Organizing Committee, so that the brand can ensure maximum spread. regulars as an Olympic sponsor, Adidas, the sponsor of the Beijing Olympics identity determined to win, there is news that Adidas with huge sponsorship fee directly out of the local brand Li Ning, an official sponsor of the 2008 list. Adidas Olympic policy the most obvious is the store. Reporters in Shanghai, a number of shopping malls to see, Adidas most indoor stores are prominently posted the Olympic rings and the Chinese Olympic "human" character graphics, and the Adidas mark its match each other. No comparison Nike stores posted an Olympic posters, the clerk would not take the initiative to mention the "Olympic" word in introducing products. Moreover, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, adidas will provide all staff, the torch relay, volunteers and technical staff, referees clothing and sports equipment. At the same time, all athletes receiving awards will also be designed and made of Adidas. Nike is the official sponsor of the Olympic Games become attached to quite a small party, but Nike's strategy is circuitous and effective. We attach great importance to athletes and sports teams Nike and include basketball, swimming, weightlifting, boxing, track and field and more than 20 sports teams signed a sponsorship agreement. This makes adidas a little awkward, the choice is quite limited, the opportunity to sponsor only judo, men and women soccer and volleyball teams. Data show that Nike sponsored team, ???????, the total number of Li Ning sponsored three other sporting goods even higher. Competition If on the field from a sponsor perspective, the beginning of the August 8 Olympic event, will allow the two companies to enter the competition is heating up. Adidas that, in that moment, receiving awards in the highest exposure of the Chinese delegation, when the national anthem played, people will remember the championship podium, while Adidas clothing will also be introduced attention. And tens of thousands of volunteers to dress, it will also enhance the Adidas brand influence. In this regard, Adidas will not only affect the participation of the game a variety of audiences, affecting large numbers of people to participate in the Olympic Games, but also for the volunteers themselves direct guidance. Volunteer is the company's new customers or new users. This is also home to Adidas' bring people feel special "concept. They use their experience to comprehend wearing lightweight and comfort Adidas clothing, thus becoming sustained consumer. phase ??????? main public strategies, the increased use of Nike athletes and sports teams appeal, radiation to like sports crowd. Nike and dozens of international big-name sports stars were long-term strategic cooperation. Chen said: "I like Nike, is very like those players it sponsored, such as Liu Xiang, Yi Jianlian this kind." Some Olympic teams and athletes in the Olympic games will be wearing Nike apparel and other sporting goods. Olympic Committee has clearly seen the deep, "hidden" Injuries its official sponsors. Thus, in July last year, the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee officials said that during the match, prohibiting non-Olympic sponsors athletes do advertising. He also pointed out that Nike and Liu Xiang should take the time to empty out the Olympics. Liu Xiang to participate in the competition, it is necessary and BOCOG signed an agreement to declare itself during this time is not a non-Olympic sponsors to advertise. competitors abacus For the average consumer, they do not necessarily be able to distinguish sponsor is Nike or Adidas. Although Nike subject to many limitations, but that does not mean it is an Olympic losers. This business sponsorship and collaboration of athletes, deep strategy. This strategy will affect the future of each session of the game, so that more long-term Nike elite athletes at the Olympics, "endorsement" and continued to collide with Adidas. This sports brand, as well as other industry, is an excellent case. In fact, Nike has long concerned about the huge appeal brought by the athletes themselves, as early as 2001, Nike had already tapped into the potential of Liu Xiang. According to reports, Nike has an important internal team, specifically looking for potential athletes, team members have came from elite athletes, they can through a series of domestic and international sports events and profound industry insight, tap the potential of a super athlete and is not known as a spokesman, and the long-term contract and training. on cooperation with the athletes, Nike also pay more attention to the demands and characteristics of the athletes, as they won a tailored more for their products, helping them to achieve better results at the Olympic Games, this will lead to Players are willing to maintain long-term cooperation and willingness to further unite niche sports fans. "because the real consumption of sports products, or sports enthusiasts." The person said. No doubt, Nike inside, there is a system in supporting all of this, this is not the Olympic Games will be able to be completed. "Nike spent each year on the international sports teams and athletes of money, may ??????? support once the Olympic Games but also the huge cost." Insiders.Nike Air Foamposite Pro shoe has been the object of numerous Sneakerhead chase, emerge in an endless stream color more cuddly, and more recently the online exposure of Nike Air Foamposite Pro "Tech Fleece" - based, the texture of the wool uppers made this pair of shoes in the original sense of science and technology on a texture. It is reported that the shoes will be officially released on June 5th, priced at $230. 20 years ago, Air Jordan 1 is still the year of the first year - Jordan Brand has introduced its three Metallic color matching. After a lapse of many years, the brand once again brought back one of the Air Jordan 1 "Metallic Red"". Not to mention the historical value and significance of the collection, so refreshing color is very impressive.Nike Action 2012 Winter OFF MOUNTAIN SERIES shoes 2013-12-08 22:38:12 Nike Action OMS will launch a new series (OFF MOUNTAIN SERIES) sports shoes in the winter, skiing meet in front, or elsewhere in the mountainside mountaineering daily trek needs. This series of products using high-quality materials carefully crafted, full of Nike sports gene, while both functionality and usability. Nike Action 2012 Winter OMS series includes new shoes Nike Lunar Ridge OMS as well as a series of improvements since OMS selling shoes sneakers Nike Braata LR Mid WS, Nike Mogan 2 Mid OMS, Nike Mogan 2 OMS like. Nike Lunar Ridge OMS Nike Lunar Ridge OMS sneakers can be in the snow or other slippery grounds to provide excellent grip and parcel for you. Quality ultra-lightweight Lunarlon midsole provides cushioning, tongue and collar foam filling provide additional wearing comfort, allowing you after a long day mountain trek still feel comfortable. Nike Lunar Ridge OMS sports shoes lining for the application of science and technology in NASA's OUTLAST material coating, to provide the best thermal performance. Located beneath the insole of space science and technology capable of efficiently reflecting blanket body gives off heat, so the temperature can be kept constant foot. Snow shoe tread groove to provide more grip and flexibility to deal with a variety of ground with ease.